Welcome to our website !

Our company specialises in custom transmission & control solutions & Photovoltaic panels for Narrowboats.

Our company philosophy is that by keeping overheads down to a minimum (without compromising customer satisfaction), we can pass the savings onto you. We know that the products we sell are very competitively priced.

We also believe we offer considerable savings compared to other similar products, along with enhanced specification and would urge you to look closely at the specification of our products. The pricing may be lower than similar products on offer but without compromising the specification, or build quality. If you are in any doubt please email your questions to Martin, who will provide you with the satisfactory answers (sales@mandrcontrols.co.uk).

What you can be assured of is our total honesty and commitment to provide you with the correct product for your requirements.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This Allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.